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The original reason for its formal adoption in Europe was to create barriers to trade with the US, just like ISO ratings were. Metric serves no better purpose than English/Imperial measurement.

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- A crowd estimated at up to 5,000 people gathered, marched and rallied in downtown Bend Saturday, chanting and carrying signs in protest of and opposition to new President Donald Trump’s policies, proposals and campaign statements they consider offensive to women and others.

It's just not fit for modern use, we need to change over to metric." I tend to agree. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we turn 360 degrees and still know what a pint should be. Fair enough, but the time has almost come for us to see if you'll get your wish.

The metric system was invented by unemployed French coiffures after the revolution, so is obviously crap. The currency going metric in 1971 resulted in enormous cost and inflation with no tangible benefits. Before putting the matter to the vote, we'd like you to consider the aforementioned possible exceptions, which might happily live alongside SI Units.

Lester, is it really necessary to let the American bashing to continue unmoderated?

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