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In those days US citizens were just as ignorant of Arab and Muslim culture, but there was not the violent anti-Arab and Islamophobic rhetoric there is now.2) A lot of people are deterred from visiting because of myths about how women are lesser beings.The nuclear family – the term was coined only in the 20th century — appeared in Western Europe and New England as late as in the 17th century, under the influence of the Christian church and theocratic governments.

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3) In the book you talk about how foreign women avoid the gender classification that local women are expected to follow. Any time I felt myself being treated differently from local women I had to look at what this meant.

When I was invited to eat with men while the women ate in another part of the house, I had to look at why.

Some, though not all, Muslim women are free also in having a home and social life mainly with other women, and in living in extended families, as opposed to the closed male-dominated nuclear family in which I grew up [where] a child no adults other than her own parent(s) from whom to draw support.

I am aware, however, that extended families also have their drawbacks.

Inspired by a book about an Egyptian architect, she booked a flight to Cairo, though knew little about the culture and religion of this predominantly Muslim country. Surely a woman traveling alone can’t want to live in a Muslim country—considered by definition a misogynist society. I see the same news they watch each evening on television. To the French women of that evening long ago, to other Europeans, and to my fellow US citizens, this book is my effort to answer these questions and others I have been asked.

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