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The earliest raiders did not seem to want to move out of Scandinavia. These hit and run raids were made possible because the Vikings were master boat builders and they created flat bottomed boats ideal for journeys up rivers, where many monastic sites lay, ready for plundering.Europeans were scared of the Vikings because of their strong weapons, swift attacks, and cruel fighting tactics.Visitor Centre, children’s play area, Cafe Tel: 01522 873577 Email: [email protected] Feed the ducks at Hartsholme Country Park - This delightful spot of greenery provides a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

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Skin came from the Norse word skinn (which meant to strip the meat off something).

Some place-names in the areas the Vikings conquered are still in use. When it ended the god Njord and his children Freya and Freyr came to live in Asgard.

For example, the words skirt and shirt came from the word skyrta, meaning a tunic.

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