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Since we met i think of you and it helps to hold on) At this moment i will finish my letter. ) for me it feels like i know you all my life already, maybe its because we understand each other so easy, where have you been before all this long time before?

) Thank you for invitation, i would like to join you and spend great time together, at the moment my financial situation is taught and i cant pay trip myself unfortunately.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud. The most important is what you have in your heart than in your mirror when you look in it! Hello to you, I am very glad to see your letter in e-mail box) I was waiting on your answer and glad to reply you again!

Our romantic love is the last thing what i dream about before i fall asleep. My sweetheart man , i am in loss now(( i am in big trouble(( can you imagine what war is doing here((( Russian government provided sanctions around my region with internet connection(( Next week i will be not able to use internet at my work place, because my supervisor will check sites, visits and connections, IT administrator will block private e-mailing and e-mails about work will be check every day( it means that i will not allow to send private e-mails and we will lose our contact and my family will not receive mails from me(((( i dont want it, i am squared about it and i cry because i dont know what to do at this moment((( the black strip came into my life. Hello to you my lovely man I miss you so much, I want you, I wish to be together with you and make all our dreams reality.

My colleague advised me to go to Internet Cafe and write from there, but it costs so much money for me(( Internet cafe owner asks $5 per hour on-line or 100$ per month free visiting, but its so much money for me, i cant earn this amount to pay everything - house and food and now also internet(( what should i do?? i need to tell you that i miss you very much, i need you like air to breathe(( you changed my life and i cant imagine it without you( i understand that you have your own problems and i add you more of mine as well(( i still hope you will help me, sugar. before i go to sleep i dream about us, how sweet it would be if we were together. My love, i have problems with internet payment, decide please, because i can pay it anymore, so sorry, i tried to stay in touch with you and did not want to lose you at all, but at the moment everything depend on you.

Tell me how are you out there far away from me, but so close to my heart already? At this moment i have so much pleasure to write you back and I need to say that you attached me to your thoughts, dreams, expressions. When i wake up in the morning the first i think about its you, how great it would be if we wake up together and drink coffee and look eyes to eyes. Remember always that our lives already changed and i miss you and dont want to loose you!

give to each other all tenderness we have from the souls. be safe wherever you may be now and dont forget about your love! Hello to you, my darling man If you only know how much happiness i have to write you again the reply on your warm letter.

I was back and found here job as a typewriter in the local newspaper. this is only a little bit of my personality and life, hopefully you will have the questions to help me to tell you more, ask everything you want i will answer with honest. I want to present myself to the man, which are kind, careful and attentive to his woman.

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